JP Savolainen’s 250 exercise library for football


We are happy to share with you that we are building a library of about 250 exercises for football on the CoachTools training platform. The first batch of 50 exercises of high quality has already been published in the CoachTools exercise library under sport exercises. Our goal is to expand the library by about 40 exercises per month, so that we can increase the library to a total of 250 exercises this year. As you know, we are focused on bringing quality features, as well as content, to the platform. The football exercise library is implemented by Finnish coach JP Savolainen, whose training packages have gained great popularity.


JP Savolainen

JP’s basis in football was laid at a young age. His love for the sport was strong and took him with it from a young age. After a successful playing career, the passion to learn more about the sport took him into coaching. The road through coaching children and youth at Käpylän Pallo has led him to his current position with the AC Oulu Veikkausliiga team. Alongside his work, he is also involved in the development of almost all the coaching training courses offered by the Finnish Football Federation (including UEFA C, UEFA B, UEFA A). In his freetime, JP develops a wide range of resources for coaches in the form of online courses, guides and a newsletter. In addition, JP will launch a new football book Progressão in spring 2023.


“My coaching philosophy and its evolution are perhaps best illustrated in my Progressão project, which looks at life, football and coaching through ecological dynamics.” says JP Savolainen


Contents of the exercise libraries

The exercises imported into the CoachTools coaching platform are high quality and clear packages with instructional descriptions. Coaches can use the exercises as tips for their own work or use it directly when planning the content of their events. The exercises are especially designed for coaches working with 8-17 year old who need ideas and exercises for their everyday life and want to develop as coaches.


“During my coaching career, I have been involved in a wide range of projects and I have created various online courses and guides to support coaches in the past. During my period of study break, I became interested in creating an exercise library and decided to take the project on. I wanted the exercises to be clear and easy to apply in everyday life, and to be based on a certain framework to make the whole coherent. It was also important to include instructional videos to make it easier for coaches to understand how the exercises work and what the idea behind them is.” Says JP Savolainen


Modern digital tools to help coaches

Today, easy-to-use coaching platforms bring help to coaches’ everyday lives in many ways. Modern coaching tools include a wide range of different features. The CoachTools coaching platform brings together in one place all the essential coaching tools, from collecting feedback from athletes to planning exercises and sessions. Bringing exercise libraries to the CoachTools platform is something coaches have been asking for and we can now respond to this need.


“CoachTools contacted me about the exercise library and they had a clear vision for collaboration, so it was naturally easy to get involved. I’m more of a do-it-yourself person myself, so CoachTools or similar platforms are not that familiar to me. However, there is more and more demand for different digital solutions and I am glad that there are players like CoachTools who are constantly trying to improve their activities.” Says JP Savolainen

“Our goal at CoachTools is to bring help to the everyday lives of coaches and the building of a training library for football is one concrete example of this. We are very pleased to have a professional like JP on board to help coaches and share his knowledge with other coaches. JP has a special skill for building quality exercises in a simple format – a hard-working professional who is a pleasure to work with. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with selected top professionals and this is what it’s all about.” summarises Teemu Varis of CoachTools


The cooperation between JP Savolainen and CoachTools will last for many years and includes the possibility to increase the training library with new exercises in the future.



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