TPS Floorball – Pioneers of coaching management


TPS Floorball believes in a systematic approach when it comes to coaching. With the use of a modern and user friendly coaching platform they aim to guarantee success in the future.

TPS Floorball has been improving and facilitating coaching and coaching management for several years by utilizing the CoachTools coaching platform. The goal has been to raise the quality of coaching through systematic action, save time, centralize all the club’s coaching data on a single platform, and bring an athlete-centered approach to the activity.

One platform for every team of your club

Sporting Director, Perttu Kytöhonka from TPS Floorball tells benefits of platform for the club.

“One main thing why we use CoachTools is its scalability. It’s a great tool for both professional use and for coaches who are coaching as a hobby. Easy to use and for me, as a sporting director, easy to have a quick check how things are going in all of our teams. We have our whole club under one roof when it comes to planning and following our player’s and coaches development and learning process.

For me, the main feature is player feedback. It’s quite easy to check what’s the mood in different teams. Recently I have used more and more different kind of questionnaires too. It’s very easy to get started with the basics and then move deeper. In my experience the players find it easy to use too.

CoachTools is a platform which has lots of benefits. It creates a common way to organise, plan and it gives the players a voice. Easy way to create club’s main ideas how to train and learn in one place. I recommended it for other clubs too. I have used it and recommended it to four of my working environments.”

Make everyday life easier for the coaches

Former P16 team coach Juho Tervala values the versatility of CoachTools. He has used the features of the platform thoroughly and enjoys the easiness and how it saves his time in hectic coaching everyday life. When saving time in routine work, you can focus more in coaching quality and you will gain better results.

“I get benefits to my coaching with practice calendar, practice feedback, practice library, questionnaires, drawing board and athlete cards data with memos. Especially practice feedback, questionnaires and practice library are very important to me.

Collecting data in one place, as well as including player discussions in one place. In a nutshell, managing everything in one place makes a coaches everyday life much easier.“

It is all about improve coaching quality and save time in everyday work

Coaching is not rocket science, but if you do it seriously, it takes lot of time. The variety of different tasks what coaches and coach management has to do is wide. To manage all the tasks and communication with pen and paper or many different tools is obviously inefficient. That is why clubs are changing their way to work and digitalise coaching processes and workflows. That is where CoachTools will help clubs, teams, coaches and head of coaches. Save time and improve quality.

CoachTools CEO, Teemu Varis is happy to work with and help TPS family on their daily based coaching operations.

“It is so rewarding to work with amazing pioneer clubs in coaching digitalisation as TPS. All sports; football, ice hockey and floorball are developing and improving their coaching with CoachTools platform. We want to be a part of their story and help them to be better season after season. It’s our honor to bring all the necessary coaching tools for teams and coaching management that they need.

To be successful, you need to understand and listen to the clubs. What they need and how we can help them and also share our competence with them. We have thousands of customers who we have listened to and gained a deep understanding. We are coaching professionals with huge experience. That brings big value for clubs. We understand clubs, software and the most important thing, how to implement the platforms for teams everyday life. This is most crucial thing in success when clubs start to use a new platform.


CoachTools in brief

CoachTools is a coaching platform with all the necessary coaching tools in one place, from planning events to listening to athletes. An easy-to-use platform for coaches and head of coaches, with an athlete-centric approach. Powerful digital tools to save time, improve quality and enable a path to success.