Sweden’s biggest hockey club invests in coaching tools


In coaching, as in many other things, planning improves the quality of what you do. Traditionally in sport, planning is done on a coach’s drawing board or with pen and paper. The data is stored in the coach’s head or, at best, on a shelf in a folder. If data is to be stored or shared within a club, there are often no effective channels for doing so, which would make coaches work more efficiently.

“We want to bring modern tools to our coaches that allow us to support coaches while giving them also autonomy in what they do. We are able to distribute material directly to coaches through exercise libraries, but at the same time coaches are also able to design their own exercises and build content from exercises for events. I can follow the plans in the background and give feedback – when I am going to watch the exercises, I can view the content directly from my phone.” says Bernt Thorén Head of youth development at Västerås IK


Making things more efficient with modern tools

There are many digital tools on the market, but often they only solve one challenge at coach level. The most typical tools used in hockey are a drawing board and a video tool. The tools are used separately and the material is distributed through different communication channels. Modern coaching platforms make this challenge easier by bringing together all the necessary tools on a single platform.

“The best thing about CoachTools is its ease of use and versatility. The same platform works for the club’s full-time staff as well as the coaches themselves. We are able to work more efficiently and focus our time where it is most needed. We are taking it one step at a time, during the current season we will roll out the platform to some of our teams. Our aim is to expand the use to other teams in the coming seasons. We are very happy with the start and above all with the service of CoachTools. Thanks to Eero for his help with the implementation.” Continues Andreas Svensson Head of youth development at Västerås IK


How to put the new models into practice

Changing operating models in the club world is a challenge. Resources are often limited and there are many time wasters in everyday life. In the long term, change saves time and make life easier, but at the beginning of change you must invest for implementation. To be successful, the start is often the most critical point.

“At CoachTools, we understand this challenge and have built on our experience to develop different models to support implementation. The models range from self-introduction to deeper support during the period in the form of training, monitoring and customer support. The key, of course, is to understand the client’s needs and current situation – what the change is intended to achieve. Västerås had a clear need to which we were able to add value. We are honored to be involved in supporting the daily life of Sweden’s biggest hockey club and at the same time to have a deeper understanding of Västerås’ everyday life. Working together also develops us.” says Eero Juvonen from CoachTools


CoachTools is a coaching platform with all the necessary coaching tools in one place, from planning events to listening the athletes. An easy-to-use platform for coaches and head of coaches, with an athlete-centric approach. Powerful digital tools to save time, improve quality and enable a path to success.


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