Video tool released! – Clip, draw and share clips


Enhance your learning with videos

Today’s modern digital tools bring a variety of benefits to today’s coaching. The use of video in coaching is growing all the time – from filming drills to breaking down game events for athletes. Coaches clip the most essential moments of success and areas for improvement from games and share them with athletes. Through the clips, the athletes are able to better perceive the situations and the factors influencing them. By drawing and highlighting different situations in the videos, the learning process becomes more visible for the athletes.

Easy-to-use clip tool

There are a large number of different video tools available on the market. There is one for everyone, depending on their needs and budget. The CoachTools video tool brings value to a wide range of coaches. If you want an easy to use tool to make clips, draw, present videos and even involve athletes in making clips you have found the right tool for you. The video tool has been developed with ease of use in mind so it’s also easy to use.

All the necessary coaching tools on one platform

The video tool complements the already extensive feature set of the CoachTools coaching platform.  You’ll find all the coaching tools you need, from planning events to listening to your athletes. With powerful and easy-to-use digital tools, you can save time, improve quality and create a path to success.